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As parents, we're constantly advised (told) that we should be doing this or that with our kids. Reduce their sugar consumption, do more active sports etc etc. Your kids online time or 'screen time' is one that seems to come around constantly. The argument of kids spending too much time with technology is nothing new. [...]

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Should You Let Your Kids Use Educational Apps?

Did you know there is such a thing as Minecraft Education? If you're like most parents in the UK, you probably think that Minecraft is little more than a game. You'd be wrong according to a recent trial conducted by the University of Glasgow. Michael Barr, the leading scientist for the trial, reveals that Minecraft [...]

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Popular gaming YouTuber Ali-A, veteran YouTuber and author Oli White, Beau’s Toy Farm and The Wizard confirmed for the Digital Kids Show 2017 New and improved activities include ice skating, crazy cart track, hover boards and laser tag   Digital Kids Show is heading back to Manchester on November 18th and 19th featuring THE most exciting [...]

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Cyber Bullying Tips for Parents

Did you know that 50 percent of children aged 12-20 are bullied every single day in the UK? That rate isn’t slowing down. With the advent of social media, more children than ever are being bullied. So what can parents do to change the course of their children’s lives? With UK cyber bullying become a [...]

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Our Top Picks for the Best Apps for Kids in the UK

Summer means good time and family holidays. Unfortunately, it can also mean it's time to find a way to keep the kids occupied. If you don't want your kids watching mindless games or movies while traveling, we recommend downloading some of the following UK educational apps to keep them busy.   1. Faces iMake Right [...]

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Why Minecraft Education in the UK is Gaining Popularity

If you're a parent, you've probably heard of Minecraft. It's a game most children obsess over for days or even months at a time. But what you likely didn't know is that Minecraft education in the UK is gaining popularity. What is Minecraft education? How do educators use it to drive important points home? What are [...]

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How Stem Toys for Kids can Build a Lifelong Love of Science

Inspiring the next generation to invest in science and technology might be as simple as giving your kids the right toys. Tech toys in the UK come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) that we’re most interested in. Educating children in these fields stimulates creativity, coordination, innovation, and [...]

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What to Expect from the Future of Virtual Reality

In 2016, the mobile game Pokemon Go took over the world. The massive success of the game got developers thinking, could there be mainstream potential for Virtual Reality? While experts estimate that real VR is at least five years from mainstream acceptance, there is serious interest in it for the future. But what can we [...]

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Online bullying is becoming a daily news item. Behind the news headlines are real victims. In our connected world, bullying can now happen around the clock and the old saying 'sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me' has never seemed further from the truth. This Morning have been doing [...]

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When I heard that the Education Secretary Justine Greenling wanted to make it compulsory for my four-year-old daughter to be taught about sex and relationships at school, I was horrified! I took to my Facebook account (which I normally reserve for sharing comical memes, quotes and pictures of family and friends) and had a rant. [...]

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