DKS Edu features a series of seminars hosted throughout the day covering topics including online safety, STEM & Coding and Digital Skills. These seminars are an educational environment, providing delegates with the opportunity to have an interactive discussion about key areas relating to the agenda..

You can see some of last years contributors from the our sister event Child Internet Safety Summit below

The Diana Award is a legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. We identify and develop young people, then engage them in social action.

At The Diana Award we believe that young people are the best agents for change in their schools and communities. We have trained over 20,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Be Strong Online Ambassadors in schools across the country. Our programmes harness the ‘Power of Peer’, empowering young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to make become role models on bullying, online safety and digital skills in their schools.

In this seminar we explore how teachers and staff members can implement effective peer-led anti-bullying and online safety programmes in school. We will explore the rationale behind peer-to-peer approaches, examples of good practice from schools we’ve worked with, and how to use social media to maximise the impact of peer-led programmes. Through videos, case studies and an interactive Q&A session, you will gain practical ideas and inspiration to implement an effective anti-bullying or online safety campaign in your setting.

You can find out more about our work at and

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Explore what’s available within Windows and Xbox and how you can get access to them.

When it comes to children’s safety online, there’s no substitute for parental involvement and guidance.

Our Microsoft family safety tools can help compliment this guidance and help monitor what kids and teens are seeing, hearing, and doing online. Use of these tools can help you stay engaged with children, but give them a sense of independence as they explore the web. In this seminar, we will explore and showcase the Microsoft Family Safety tools across Windows, Bing and Xbox which can be utilised to support the conversations you are having with young people. We will take you through how to set up a child account, monitor spending, ensure they only download apps and games appropriate for their age and also how you can limit the amount of time children spend on their devices. If you want to be sure to help the families you work with take the best possible precautions online, this is one session you should not miss!

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 Digital Independence – why you need a plan

Last year, Tony signed himself up for an experiment. As a security industry veteran and a family man, he thought he had his online security and privacy nailed, and was relatively relaxed about being the guinea pig.

The experiment was a test app his company’s innovation team was researching which would mine at the most detailed level all the personal information that could be found about him online. Tony will reveal the surprising extent of the data found and the implications of this for today’s youth where so much more of their lives, social and formal, are conducted increasingly online. This interactive workshop will help you to build a planned approach to empowering the children in your classroom, ensuring they are equipped to be confident, private and safe online.

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If you have a product or service that can keep digital families and schools stay safe online, inspire the next generation of computer scientists or you have a passion for empowering children through technology, then get in touch to showcase it at the Digital Kids Show – contact





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